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Chris Jellis

Director and Physiotherapist

I believe that people need to be given the right tools, education and leadership to take control of their health. I teach people how movement should feel and offer a holistic framework to address their needs. With a specialty in biomechanical assessment and diagnosis, I treat everyone from the elite sportsperson to the local retirement village. Everyone is welcome at Sum Of Us and we hope to see you in the clinic soon!

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Marney Jury

Director and Physiotherapist

I will use my expertise in physiotherapy and Pilates, my passion for the body and health, and my responsibility to humanity to provide the highest possible care and nurturing to my clients and all the people of Sum of Us. I am a passionate advocate of holistic wellness and following years of dreaming am so proud to offer Sum of Us as a beautiful space all people can find the balance and inspiration to optimise their health, wellness, happiness and life.

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Sum Of Us Total Health Studio Prahran

Melissa Pereira

Director and Myotherapist


Brigid Jellis

Director and Physiotherapist

I am passionate about the human body and movement form. I will educate all my clients about their amazing bodies and give them all the tools possible to reach their potential and maximise energy levels. As soon as you step inside Sum of Us you feel well and energised, like you have escaped to an oasis. This is a place that is incredibly inviting and welcoming of each and every individual, through our staff, community and our beautiful environment.

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Jessica Todd


My aim is to impart positivity and empower you to achieve a healthy body and mind. I will use my Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and Pilates background to help you achieve your individual goals. I aim for you to leave my classes and care feeling energised, challenged and eager to come back for more.. and then meet you in the café for a coffee and a laugh.
Stacey Thomas

Stacey Thomas

Director of Podiatry and Podiatrist

I love working as a podiatrist to keep my patients active and on their feet! I have developed a strong interest in the diagnosis and management of injuries related to lower limb biomechanics in all types of patients, from the “weekend warrior” to the elite athlete. I am also passionate about treating skin and nail pathologies and get a great sense of joy seeing client’s bounding out of their treatment pain free.

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Kasey Todd

Meditation Teacher

A school teacher who fell in love with meditation by accident 8 years ago. Propelled by living with ease, love and happiness in all areas of being, allowing those I encounter to do the same. For me, meditation & mindfulness is a way of life, and not just a practice. Something that can be learnt by anyone ready to learn - but mostly significantly and unique to my teaching style, taught with a smile, laughter and a bucket load of warmth.

Ashlee Emmerson

Administration and Barre Instructor

Sophie Jennings


My main priority as a podiatrist is to work with my clients to ensure they are able to remain as active as possible. I draw from my knowledge and skills to provide high quality care to clients who may be suffering from chronic and acute lower limb injuries, or who may have skin or nail complaints which may be affecting their ability to to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Along with other mechanical modalities, I am very passionate about providing education to my patients on footwear for both day to day living and varying sporting endeavours. I love working with clients to find the best possible combination, as I feel footwear plays a huge role in allowing people to stay as active as possible.

Olivia Hoskin


I believe that movement should feel beautiful! I use my clinical expertise in injury management, biomechanical assessment, and rehabilitation with a strong Pilates focus to create optimal, beautiful movement. I want you to feel the same desire and love I feel for movement, and carry that on in your own health and wellness journey.
I am passionate about Women’s Health Physiotherapy and helping women through pregnancy, the post-partum period, and progressing through motherhood with all the new challenges and fun an extra mini-you will bring!

Olivia Morrison


I believe in approaching nutrition holistically. Everyone has a relationship with food – it can be your best friend, your worst enemy or maybe a bit of both. But what’s important to remember is that good nutrition is so much more than what you read on the scales; it comes in all shapes and sizes and is essential for all bodily systems to function optimally for a lifetime. I want everyone to feel happy and comfortable in their own skin, and am passionate about empowering individuals to make positive, sustainable dietary changes by understanding food and nutrition, getting back to basics by incorporating mindful eating techniques and decoding health fads.

Daniel Licciardi


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