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Euonia, pronounced ‘you-noi-ah’, is the shortest word to contain all five vowel graphemes, and simply means ‘…a well mind…’ or ‘beautiful thinking’.

Eunoia Meditation isn’t religious meditation, it’s not hard, it’s not about the breath or a mantra … It’s a place where you can come to just be you.

An opportunity to stop, close down your eyes, reset and let your true self shine through. When we live from our truth and are comfortable with ‘us’ everything else aligns.

Kasey is a trained secondary school Phys Ed & Health Teacher and a massive self-love advocate, who fell in love with meditation by accident 6 years ago.

Through her work with young girls in schools and the corporate sector she witnessed a need for structured self-love, in the form of relaxation and meditation. She went on to study the practice, before becoming an accredited teacher in 2015.

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