Treatments and Classes in Prahran, Melbourne
Pilates classes in Prahran

Sum Pilates

Offering individual and small group clinical Pilates, as well as group reformer Pilates to develop control,…

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Naturopathy uses a combination of evidence-based herbal and nutritional medicine which work in harmony with your…

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Kirsty Richardson - Naturopath
sum of us studio myotherapy Prahran Melbourne clinic


Myotherapy helps treat overuse injuries, posture issues, tension headaches, and muscle pain. Myotherapy can aid sleep,…

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Podiatrists are foot specialists trained to diagnose the pain in your feet, toes, and ankles. The…

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podiatrist performing a podiatry massage in Prahran
physiotherapy treatment in prahran melbourne studios


Physiotherapy helps you to move better and feel less pain. Your physiotherapist works to improve your…

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Massage’s benefits include relief from aches, pain, strains, soreness, stiffness and injury-related problems, but also the…

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Prahran Massage Studio - Deep Tissue Massgage, Sports Massage, Dry Needling
Yoga Prahran

Sum Yoga

Offering small group yoga classes to people of all needs and levels that integrate the fundamental…

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Sum Nourishment

Offering nourishing food and drinks designed by a dietitian chef specifically for Sum of Us cafe,…

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Sum Of Us Prahran
Prahran Meditation

Sum Meditation

Offering non-sectarian meditation in our tranquil Loft studio – an opportunity to come, stop, reset and…

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