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Instructor and Trainer Workshop – Cervical Intelligence

A workshop designed by our physiotherapists and myotherapists that delves into the anatomy, mechanics, and functional influence of the cervical spine. Using a combination of interactive theory and practical teaching you will learn how and why the mechanics of the cervical spine commonly lead to pain, interact with the rest of the body and how you can manage this in common exercises, poses and postures. Particularly relevant to Pilates and Yoga Instructors and Personal Trainers.

Cervical Intel Poster


Chris Jellis

Chris graduated with honours from the University of Melbourne in 2005. His love of musculoskeletal assessment and diagnosis, and constant thirst for knowledge, saw him take on a great deal of further study after university. Chris has trained with a range of varied health professionals including chiropractors, homeopaths, exercise scientists and more, which helped give birth to the Sum Of Us wellness studio