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yoga classes for beginners

Yoga Classes for Beginners – A Starter Guide

The first time with any new hobby, skill, or class is always the hardest. But once you start you’ll forever wonder why you didn’t do so earlier. As a newbie to the yoga world, the lingo and protocols…

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corn and callus removal prahran studio melbourne

Got a Corn on Your Foot? Corn & Callus Removal Guide

Why do I get Corns and Calluses on my feet? When areas of the feet are placed under excessive pressure or friction foot corns and callus (sometimes written as ‘callous’) can develop. When the skin experiences increased pressure…

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pregnancy pain physiotherapy

Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy

You may have heard of a separation of the abdominals during pregnancy. Sharp pain in pregnancy is quite common. The term can be frightening and confusing for mothers to be. However, this is a commonly assessed and treated…

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Runner running near water

Running could change your life!

Running is a life changer… thats a big statement for a simple activity. I say simple because it is easy enough to do, put on your runners, walk outside and put one foot in front of the other….

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mindfulness for lower back pain relief

What Usain Bolt taught me about Lower Back Pain Relief

What I learned from Usain Bolt and how I use it to help people overcome pain and achieve their goals. For the past several months I have been treating a patient we will call Tom. Tommy has 2…

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Tips to avoid running injuries

4 Tips To Help Prevent Running Injuries

With fun run season here, let’s lace up your sneakers and start pounding the pavement! Running injuries are common and can be very harmful to both your enjoyment of running and the times you are making. It is…

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Man experiencing lower back pain

Lower Back Pain Causes

With back pain being so prevalent in our society, often recurrent, and potentially disabling, it is no wonder there are a lot of questions surrounding the role of exercise with back pain. Part of this comes from the…

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Young woman with neck and shoulder pain close up

Fix Shoulder Pain Fast!

Shoulder pain can be very frustrating and most times difficult to deal with. Shoulder pain can happen to anyone and for many reasons, but one of the most common that we see in the clinic is called ‘Rotator…

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stretches for knee pain

How exercise can improve knee pain

If you are feeling pain and weakness in the knees, one of the best things you can do is exercise. Experiencing joint pain is challenging, and can take a big toll in our daily lives. Joint pain affects…

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pilates and sciatica

Pilates as a treatment tool for sciatica

Back pain is now a common issue for many men and women throughout the world. Statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics suggests that almost seventy to ninety percent of people suffer from lower back pain at some point…

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sports massage Prahran Melbourne

The Benefits of Sports Massage and DOMS relief techniques

Taking good care of your body is one of the best forms of preventative medicine that you have at your disposal. Diet and exercise truly are the keys to unlocking your health, enhancing your body, and clearing your…

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Clinical Pilates

The Benefits of Clinical Pilates and how it differs from Pilates

If you have ever had an injury, especially one that required surgery and/or physical therapy, you know how difficult it can be to get your body back to a somewhat normal state of functioning. It’s not just sports…

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south melbourne prenatal pilates Prahran

Prenatal Pilates – The perfect exercise during pregnancy

Looking for a way to stay active while you are pregnant? Whether you are someone who loves staying active or you are newly pregnant and ready to get active with some form of fitness, Prenatal pilates might be…

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Heel Pain

Heel Pain: How to treat Plantar Fasciitis

Heel pain is a common and often disabling condition that frequently presents to podiatrists. It is estimated to affect 10% of runners, and occurs in a similar proportion of the general public. It presents in a range of…

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Sum Of Us Studio interior

Watch this space

Interesting how the renovation of this beautiful building so closely represents the human transformations we love to do – correct flaws and structural issues, reinforce foundations, and then have some fun with bringing life, happiness and beauty and…

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