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corns and callouses on feet footwear

Got a Corn on Your Foot? Here’s how to get rid of it!

Why do I get Corns and Callouses on my feet? When areas of the feet are placed under excessive pressure or friction foot corns and callous can develop. When the skin experiences increased pressure the body responds by…

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pregnancy pain physiotherapy

Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy

You may have heard of a separation of the abdominals during pregnancy. The term can be frightening and confusing for mothers to be. However, this is a commonly assessed and treated condition by Physiotherapists. What Causes Pregnancy Abdominal…

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Runner running near water

Running could change your life!

Running is a life changer… thats a big statement for a simple activity. I say simple because it is easy enough to do, put on your runners, walk outside and put one foot in front of the other….

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mindfulness for lower back pain relief

What Usain Bolt taught me about Lower Back Pain Relief

What I learned from Usain Bolt and how I use it to help people overcome pain and achieve their goals. For the past several months I have been treating a patient we will call Tom. Tommy has 2…

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Tips to avoid running injuries

4 Tips To Help Prevent Running Injuries

With fun run season here, let’s lace up your sneakers and start pounding the pavement! Running injuries are common and can be very harmful to both your enjoyment of running and the times you are making. It is…

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